Family holidays need state authorisation in Police State Scotland


Freedom of movement is under threat as families have their privacy invaded by out-of-control state snoopers. Scotland is now officially a police state as this is far from an isolated incident and our forum regularly receives reports of health visitors and other jackbooted McStasi 'partners' interfering with legitimate parental decisions and fundamental freedoms.

Police still waiting to hear from missing North-east family reported missing on Thursday

Police first appealed for information on Thursday night and, the following morning, there was a message posted on Ms Goncalves’ Facebook page to say the family were on holiday and safe.

Later on Friday, Ms Goncalves broadcast a live Facebook video stream that showed the four sat at a table outdoors.

She said they were in Lisbon on holiday and everyone was safe and well.

Police said such postings can be “extremely useful” but wanted the family to walk into a police station so officers can check everything is okay.

A Police Scotland spokesman this morning said: “This remains a live missing persons’ appeal.”

Previously, Sergeant Martin MacDougall, said: “Inquiries were launched as the result of a well-intentioned and legitimate concern call made by a partner agency.

“As highlighted in our earlier appeals for information, while social media can be extremely useful in tracing missing people, we have to be completely satisfied of the welfare of all those reported before we stand down our investigations, in particular when young children are involved.”

He added: “In the case of any missing person, our ultimate aim is to ensure that those who have been reported missing have come to no harm when genuine concerns are raised.

“We are still in the process of officially confirming the exact location of the Hendry family with assistance from international counterparts and will provide an update as soon as we can.”
‘Missing’ Fraserburgh couple on holiday in Lisbon say abroad trip has been ‘destroyed’ by cop appeal

Daniela Goncalves, 21, and partner Mark Hendry posted a Facebook Live with their two tots on their first family holiday in Lisbon, Portugal — to prove to officers they are safe.

It came after cops smashed into their home in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, when a report that they’d vanished is thought to have sparked fears for their kids’ safety.

But after sharing the pic with six-week-old baby Chantelle and son Mark, one, at her side, baffled Daniela said in a social media video message: “We’re not missing. Nobody kidnapped us. We’re okay. We’re fine. the kids are fine — look.”

Of officers breaking into their home, she added: “My neighbours said there is glass everywhere. This is a nightmare.”

Forklift driver Mark, 21, said his first trip abroad is “destroyed”.

He added: “I’ve spoken to about 30 officers to tell them we are okay but they’re not listening to me.”