Experience of flexi-school request with Edinburgh council



I thought I would just share my experience of making a flexi-school request in Edinburgh, in the hope that it might help some people out there ...

In September I met with my child's headteacher to discuss the possibility of doing flexi-school. The headteacher met me with a positive attitude and after discussion it became clear that the head would support a request for flexi-school as long as the majority of the school week was still spent at school. The rationale was that as the school is popular, my child would be taking up a place in school that could have been taken by another child. I think the Head also wanted to feel reassured that my reasons for asking for flexi-school were genuine.

So, then I filled in a council form to request flexi-school with one day a week of home education and posted it off. On the form I had to describe what we would do at home, resources to be used etc. I heard back from the council, by letter, about 5 weeks later to ask for more information. I then searched the internet to find the email address of the council lady and emailed back more details and information. I got no reply to my email. But, hurrah after 4 weeks of waiting, this morning I received a message on my phone from the council lady's secretary, to say that the council had approved the flexi-school request for one day a week :-D

It is good to get the ok from the council however my child and I started our one day a week of home ed way back in September when I first applied. I had no idea the process would take so long. On our Home Ed day, I would phone school at 9am to say that my child was off on an un-authorised absence that day.

And I have to say that my child and I are loving our Home Ed days!
Best day of the week!



Hi Ally, not sure if you're still around but found this useful. How did the day a week at home pan out longer term? Thanks.


How is flexi-school going 3 years in ....

Sorry not to have replied sooner.

We've done just over 3 years of flexi-school now and it is going well. It is the day of the week my child looks forward to most. My child says she learns more on the Home Ed day than the rest of the week! It is a special time together and although it is only the Friday morning out of the school week (no school anyway on friday afternoon) it is enough to swing the balance of influence back to the home. It has worked out well for my child and our family and I am so glad we have been able to do this.