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From the Council of Europe entitled "The protection of minors against excesses of sects"

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Paragraphs 40 and 41
40. Extensive awareness-raising measures for welfare services, judges (in family law cases, especially when parents separate), civil servants, the police and ombudsmen’s offices are vital with a view to detecting threats to the welfare of minors and helping them to leave sect-like movements. Especially in the case of schooling, including home schooling and private schools which may be under the sway of these movements, prompt and effective State oversight is required, in particular in terms of the conformity of curricula and the quality of teaching staff. In the case of home schooling, it would be useful for the children to be followed by the relevant departments of local authorities so that the latter can take prompt action if the children are not being properly schooled or there are other problems.

41. By way of example, in France, the report by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the influence of sect-like movements in the health sector, published in April 2013, (61) Dérives thérapeutiques et dérives sectaires: la santé en danger (Rapport), Report by Mr Jacques Mézard, on behalf of the Committee of Inquiry on the influence of sect-like movements in the area of health, No. 480, Part 1 and Part 2, 3 April 2013. includes four recommendations aimed more specifically at minors: (62) Ibid., Part 1, p. 215, paragraphs 38-41.
1) introduce compulsory annual medical check-ups by approved doctors for children over six years old being taught at home or in schools with no agreements with the State;
2) encourage the staff of maternity and child protection services to detect children whose families may be involved in sect-related excesses and ensure medical follow-up of the children concerned;
3) reiterate the Education Ministry’s obligation to conduct annual checks on home schooling arrangements and implement this obligation with a view to preventing sect-related excesses;
4) make sure that secondary school curricula include awareness-raising about therapy- and sect-related excesses. These recommendations may also be useful for other Council of Europe member States.
Nowhere in there is anything to protect us from that dangerous lunatic fringe sect based in Brussels though.

Elaine Kirk

Super Moderator
The French report is a year old and its recommendations have not been adopted by France so why is Europe using it as an example?
Golly it's a task monitoring all this just to ensure you keep the right to educate your child out of the prying eyes of the state. Well done physicist and llondel for spotting it.

I note that the resolution actually passed by the Council of Europe stated:

Resolution 1992 (2014) Provisional version - The protection of minors against excesses of sects

6. The Assembly notes that, in conformity with Resolution 1530 (2007), the protection of minors, parental rights and freedom of religion or belief are to be promoted in any context, whether public (including public schools, hospitals, etc.) or private (including private education systems, the family, sport and other recreational activities, religious activities, etc.).
and Resolution 1530 (2007) stated:

16. Finally, the Assembly calls upon member states to consolidate their child welfare policy
but this made no mention of home education.

So, the right thing has happened. However . . . how the heck did we become enslaved to the Council of Europe in the first place??? Here are these people making policy for national governments and we can't even elect the Council?

Where are our Human Rights in respect of democracy?