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City of Edinburgh Council home education policy

And this

3.9 The Scottish Government guidance states in paragraph 3.3, parents are not required to seek the consent of the education authority in order to home educate* their child if:

• Their child has never attended a public school
• Their child has never attended a public school in that authority’s area
• Their child is being withdrawn from an independent school
• Their child has finished primary education in one school but has not
started secondary education in another
• The school their child has been attending has closed
* It says nothing of the kind! A parent does not require consent in order to home educate, only to withdraw a child of compulsory age (attained in the August following the fifth birthday) from a council school s/he has attended on one occasion or more.

3.10 In the last 2 cases detailed in 3.9, parents are required** merely to inform the education authority that they intend to home educate. This is not necessary in the first three cases.***
** Notification is not a legal requirement, so this is blatantly misleading.
*** It is not necessary at all as the provision of education is a parental responsibility for which an equal choice is afforded between council schooling and 'other means'.

3.11 If a parent alerts the school to the fact that they are considering withdrawing their child from school in order to home educate, the headteacher of the school should arrange a meeting**** to have an initial discussion and provide parents withall relevant information, including a copy of the parent information leaflet (See Appendix 2) and application form (See Appendix 3).
**** No meetings are required and the school has no role in the purely administrative process of removal of the child's name from the school roll.

Named contact(s):

Maria Plant maria.plant@edinburgh.gov.uk,
Brian Collins brian.collins@edinburgh.gov.uk

Member comments:

"Aaaarrrgghhh!!! “Apply to home school your child.”

This policy would struggle to survive a legal challenge, as the saying goes. It misrepresents the law and skates on very thin ice as far as national guidance is concerned. The named person ruling by the Supreme Court nullifies most of the 'powers' they have awarded themselves and we are aware of at least one finding of disability discrimination against the council for failing to provide education to a child who was unable to attend school.


Isle of Man MHK misrepresents Scots home ed law and policy

By way of illustrating the dangers of Scots council policies being accepted and quoted as gospel, while getting it legally wrong, here we have an example of an Isle of Man MHK opportunistically citing Edinburgh's dodgy home education policy in order to score political points on a social media group.

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