Hi all

My wife is rather remarkably home educating our youngest daughter. we are currently not living in the UK...we would be keen for her to be able to sit a few key examinations to assist her entry to Uni/Art College. She would be ready to sit some exams in 2014...but others in 2015. I am entirely unclear how the abolishment of GCSE's and implementation of EBacc may effect home educator options. From the information i have been able to glean I have yet to see how the EBacc would be achievable/assist us...yet dont want her to work to something that may be abolished prior to sitting.

I have contacted a couple of exam boards (awaiting response) and looked at gov websites etc but to be perfectly honest am increasingly unclear and uncertain!

Would any of you be have any insights you would be willing to share?!

Many thanks
(this is a first post and am unclear of all the rules etc & the smilies i see on the right of my screen...i rather like the snapping crocodile one tho!)
If you have some idea of which course and which establishment, the best bet is to try to contact the admissions tutor in the relevant department and ask them what they recommend. Don't bother with the main university admissions people, they're going to give you the standard requirements, although I guess that's a good starting point.