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Some background- we are into our sixth term at our dining room academy and all is going well. Many books purchased and completed, many questions raised and answered. Many people in awe of my wife's achievements over the last two years (including me!).

Two weeks ago my eldest had a nosebleed. That wouldn't stop. A quick trip to Eastbourne District General Hospital, the ENT specialist sorted it out and home they came.
On Friday we received a letter from ESCC regarding EHE. Clearly the over investigative forms filled in by my somewhat stressed wife at DGH have somehow made their way to ESCC. I have now discovered that one of the qualification questions at A&E admissions for a minor is "name", "age", "ailment" and "what school does she attend?". The consent form also went fishing for any other children living at the address and their school. All on a form marked "Strictly Confidential" at the top. A copy of this form and the details of the Information Officer's details will be obtained tomorrow... I don't recall ever being asked as ana adult receiving emergency care to have needed to reveal my education and qualifications!

Along with the letter, offering their ISEND Teaching & Learning Provision and how their document outlines their statutory responsibilities in partnership with us, was one copy of a form (even though they address both children) to complete "...and return as soon as possible if you do decide to home educate, in order that we can offer you an appointment to meet with a member of staff to discuss the educational arrangements you are putting in place for ***** & ******.
On the back of the form is the paragraph:
The ISEND Teaching & Learning Provision has a role to ensure that your child is accessing a suitable home education for their age, aptitude and ability.
ISEND Teaching & Learning Provision always prefer to have the opportunity to visit families so that their children and young people can share what they have been doing and celebrate success. If this is not possible for your family, you may prefer to write a report on what you have been doing with your child and provide some examples of their work.
The sign and date, followed by:
Thank you for filling in this form. If you change address or your child returns to school, please tell us as soon as possible.

In their pamphlet "you must complete and return the enclosed form" and return it to them.

As I understand they have no responsibility to my daughters education, nor any right for evidence of work. The entire document pack is geared towards invasion of privacy and that whilst not stating it outright, the implication is that they have every right to do so.

Do I reply with both barrels, or keep quiet and see if they go away?