East Dunbartonshire Council


If you have you any comments or updates on East Dunbartonshire Council's home education policy and/or practice, please post in this thread.

This council has no home education policy on its website [former link now dead]

Contact formerly recorded as:

Shona Lidell
Education Support Officer
East Dunbartonshire Council
Southbank House, Southbank Business Park
Kirkintilloch G66 1XQ

Tel: 0141 578 8928
E: Shona.Liddell@eastdunbarton.gov.uk


Rated by our members as especially dire to deal with and the subject of numerous complaints about misleading infromation, delay and unreasonable demands.


I have been east dunbartonshire council since 2013 and had problems form start even if only to ascertain the person in charge of home education.
TO date it is not clear i have been passed to all and currently dealing with julie macdonald. who does not know law on HE.

To date they have asked i follow a curriculum of their choosing
for my daughter to be tested
for my daughter and i to meet with them when declined they slapped and attendance order and gave reason that we did not attend a meeting
to date they have not perused plan of provision or commented
they refuse to comply with a sars request
and suggested a parent cannot provide secondary education to home school child as there subjects that need equipment

they have refused to update their website with clear information on HE that it is legal
they over ride parental choice with great consistency
they refuse to acknowledge complaints and appeals
they refuse to correspond with solicitor and continue to harass
they enter home illegally
they stoped me in car on 2 occassions and came to my house at 1 am with police demanding entry with no warrant grounds or reasons.

they continue to refuse to peruse plan of provision

in a nutshell