Dumfries & Galloway cites GIRFEC 'success' amidst child protection failures


No point in reinventing the wheel when Alice is on the case:

Will GIRFEC make everything right for children in Dumfries and Galloway?

For anyone who wants to know what the corporate parents in Dumfries and Galloway have in mind for every child in the area, The updated Improvement Action Plan for Children's Services is available to download [149kb] [accessed 21 July 2014]. The little smiley cartoon characters on the website tell us that the corporate parents are Getting it Right for Every Child when really there is much cause for concern. There have been two serious case reviews in Dumfries and Galloway in recent times.
With two SCRs in the recent past which were highly critical of the council's failures to Get It Right, D&G is still shamelessly promoting the deeply flawed and disingenuous GIRFEC data stealing surveillance scheme as a 'success' while its child protection procedures are in disarray.

Protecting vulnerable children clearly comes way down the priority list - well behind recording pet bereavements and harassing home educators who want to keep their children safe.

Total fail and blatant hypocrisy.
Schoolhouse recently submitted a FOI request to this council as it was taking up to 9 months to process withdrawal from school applications by home educating parents. A bit of a stretch of the 6 weeks outlined in the guidance.


We have some serious concerns about the response received and will be taking some of the issues further, especially the apparent breaches of data protection regulations and Article 8. The fact that complaints are 'not recorded centrally' (when every child's details appear to be accessible on demand!) is too handy a cop out for councils which should be accountable to the public.

We always predicted that it would take an accumulation of SCRs before the scales started to fall from the eyes of SHANARRI cult converts.