Disability Reducing Due to Home Ed :)

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I thought I'd waffle on about this a bit as it's so very lovely :)

When my son was four I took him to a private clinic. They did a whole battery of tests and found that basically there wasn't a single part of his central nervous system working properly and there were significant problems with various parts of his brain as well (this is at a time when the NHS kept saying there was nothing wrong with him). The way to improve this is to carry out certain physical exercises at home, to stimulate the brain and central nervous system into going through the appropriate developmental stages (that most of us go through without noticing or having to do anything special). I've also found over the years that my son needs a lot of rest and downtime; things that other children find easy and enjoyable really wear him out. He also used to be so hypersensitive to sound that he'd 'tune out'; effectively it's a self defence mechanism to protect the brain when it can't cope.

Anyway, he's 11 now and I get the assessments done when I can afford them, to check on improvement. There are now areas that he scored 100% when he was four (100% being the worst they could be) that he now scores 0% - ie, there's no problem there.

Obviously he still has other problems that we continue to work on but the improvements in some areas have been huge. Apart from this showing in assessments, he's a lot more confident and sociable than he used to be, he enjoys trampolining, gymnastics, swimming and sailing, he reads very well and his writing is improving all the time.

I honestly don't think we could have made such big improvements if he'd been in school, simply because there isn't enough time in the day to do a school day, all the physical exercises that he's needed and, most importantly, the down time that he needs to stay healthy and happy. For us it's been such a positive experience so I thought I would share that in case anyone else is in a similar situation at the minute.

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Thanks for sharing

That was great to hear thanking you for sharing it with us.I am so glad your son is doing well now.


Thanks for a great post and so lovely to hear he's doing so well. Whilst our son has nowhere near the issues your son has had , we've had a similar experience in recovery. He's autistic and we took him out of school at the end of Primary 2. Since then his social and communication skills have improved massively, his temper as well and general health and well being.I agree it's because of the amount of time required for physical therapy and quality one to one time in his case. Now we're at the point where we think he may actually benefit from attending a school part time if we can figure that minefield out! Mainly to give us some respite as his learnings at home have been great. Thanks again