Deregister or be damned


A salutary lesson on term time holidays from one of our own: Deregister or be damned

A Herefordshire parent with many years of experience home educating her older children is being prosecuted for taking her nine year old daughter on a backpacking ‘holiday of a lifetime’ during term time. Ironically, had she exercised her parental right to deregister (under which circumstances, in England, the school would have been legally required to remove her child’s name from the roll upon written notification) no such legal action would have been been possible.

Unfortunately, she listened to Herefordshire Council’s advice that deregistration should not be necessary for the temporary period of absence, informed the school of her plans and proceeded with the holiday, expecting a fixed penalty ‘fine’ at worst. Courtesy of that misleading advice, she now finds herself at risk of a hefty fine, or even a prison sentence, for providing her daughter with learning experiences that could never be matched by the local school.


Hazel and the lioness

This story has really hit the headlines in the past 24 hours.

HEF blog post update here: Hazel and the lioness

As the saying goes, once a home educator, forever dangerous prey!

Further to our recent post, Deregister or be damned, in which we highlighted the plight of former home educator Jackie Turner, who is being prosecuted for taking her nine year old daughter, Hazel, out of school for this three week backpacking trip, we are pleased to see the mainstream media embracing the story. Support for Jackie’s position has been overwhelming, and her case has become something of a cause célèbre following her appearance yesterday on ITV’s This Morning. [Also reported in the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror]