Demo in Darmstadt to support the Wunderlichs


There is to be a demo in Darmstadt on 19th Sept in support of the Wunderlich family, whose home educated children were removed under legislation passed by Hitler and still rigidly enforced by German authorities.

Wunderlich family's website

Dirk Wunderlich is asking for your support on September 19th: At 13.30 pm. there will be a court hearing in Darmstadt. On «Mathildenplatz» you’ll find a park next to the Court house which is ideal for a gathering with as many European Homeschoolers as possible. Please let us know in a short e-mail if there would be any persons who are willing to travel to Darmstadt on that date, so we can ask the authorities for permission. It’s not clear yet if the trial is open to the public or not.
We ask you to spread this message to as many persons and organisations as possible, and as well through the social media.

If you would like to contact the Wunderlich family, here is the father’s address:

Kind regards

Willi Villiger
Bildung zu Hause Schweiz

Jörg Grosselümern
Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit Deutschland


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Germany is getting worse. There was this story in the news this week about 40 children taken away from a community in Bavaria.

It's a very sad story made sadder by the biased reporting in the Independent and elsewhere. Spanking is illegal in Germany so I do not argue that they have broken the law. However, I have first hand experience of the community. The children are happier than children I've seen anywhere else. Genuinely happy. They are also deeply loved and well cared for. Parents devote a lot of time to their children and the whole community helps in teaching them life skills, taking care of them and raising them right. I couldn't handle an average class of 30 even with a TA, but I could handle a few hundred of these kids on my own.

All the other claims in the article are false. The UK group has several black people and one Asian - they aren't racist. Children don't stand for hours at prayer meetings. They sit with their parents and play an important part; they are encouraged to talk, ask questions, relate their feelings... and they do. They don't wake up at five o'clock; it's 6.30. Incidentally, they are woken by a melody of musicians playing hymns outside their bedrooms.

The fact that they HE is a major factor and the cause of a lot of their persecution. HE is not legal in Germany so they had a school licence. This was taken away from them to try and force the kids into school.

I did try to talk the community out of the mild beatings they inflict so often and persuade them that it's not necessary. But it was my word against the bible's! They do not deserve all their 40 children taken away from them.
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I knew nothing of the Twelve Tribes in Germany or anywhere else, but they aren't alone in their (ab)use of the rod, sadly. :(

Let's hope Germany has improved its record on abuse related child deaths since these articles were published in 2007.

Child Abuse: Germany is Shocked into Hosting a Childcare Summit Next Week

Child abuse cases in Germany prompt debate

I also came across this document, Combating Child Abuse and Neglect: Child Protection in Germany, which outlines their child welfare system. I haven't had time to read it yet but it looks interesting.