Culdees Eco Village invites home ed visitors

Schoolhouse has been asked to post the following request. Personal contact details have been removed but are available via Schoolhouse or in the private Scottish forum.

We are a family considering moving to Fearnan at a place called Culdees, an Eco Village Project. We are looking for local home educators who maybe interested in our project and meeting up with us. There are possibly four families considering to move here, with children of varying ages. We would like to meet more locals to share teaching with and to share the amazing resource of Culdees.

The community has many international vsitors, a music room, produces some of it's food. It is planning to build a hydro power system and Eco homes, simple disgns that everyone can help with. We thought that children could really benefit from being here. Visiting children have learned how to knit, fish, milkgoats... make compost toilets etc.. studying nature.

It would be great if anyone interested could come visit this week. As Carl and I and my son are a visiting family for this week. However , there is one family who has moved in that is here all the time who you could contact. But it would be great to see some of you here this week.

This email or message needs to go out to those in the Pitlochry area , Aberfeldy. Culdees is also looking for families who maybe interested to live here, temporary or fulltime.

Those who vsit the website will see their are spiritual aspects to the community, however Culdees welcomes all faiths, everyone is welcome athiest too!! and there are no religous activities that a forced upon any one and it is not the main focus. I have been here a few days and have not noticed any spiritual aspect, however it is there if you wish to dip in.

Please contact Culdees. Perhaps meet Wed Thurs or Fri before the weekend of the 31st of October . If you can only make the weekend perhaps we could stay longer.

Lois and Carl. Our son is twelve.


think we all wann move there!!!!! sounds fab where can we read about it you got website ..??? ( suppose pc not eco friendly) sounds great.... dis anyone see paper article about the underground eco house uses natural light and keeps warmth from ground etc....??? marvelous only apparantly costs tons to build and dig and you have to be famous fottballer to achieve , even though been claiming thats the way to go for at least 2 decades to my friends and family as they laugh in background..... so happy for your success at holistic living .... tell us more..


that sounds amazing, wish i could live there! even to just visit would be a fascinating experience!!
Wow, I love the bit about the care village within the village! I have always said it is odd how we shut people away by age- babies in nursery, children in school, students in university ghetto areas of town, young and middle aged adults in offices, older adults in care homes. Why can't we all muddle along together?