Message by Proxy from My Daughter

It is me, but Dady wont let me use name (boring\)
But I am typing this to say
thank you for your funny message!
Why does She Do This?

Because tutor doesn't say 'Time to pack-up children it's end of lesson'.

She does not think of this as education but says it is her hobby. All of the ideas are hers with no assistance or even encouragement, like all home educators we facilitate and say 'yes of course you can' rather than the school 'teachers' who have to say 'No, you must stop now'.

Just a Daddy but another Home Education Evangelist,

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Hello, Sprog of Spartacus
Thanks for the enlightenment, and the inspiration. I've just been reading a book (textbook style) about child have just thrown all of that out the window!!! What a cool start to your life, cookie.
banshee, Sprog and Tiddler
Creativity - A MUST VIEW video for Home Educators

Sir Ken Robinson condemns lack of creativity in schools and propounds a case for rethinking education. He is an advocate for Home Educating without realising it!

Many Home educators express concern about whether or not their young children spend too much time on making and playing with things. Sir Ken suggests that the influence comes from schools who lack an understanding of the importance of creativity (the bedrock of innovation).

We have watched this many times; it is compelling and entertaining.

Sorry if this is a re-post
Just watched this, brilliant. The man says everything I feel about how to nurture children, and what the education system and wider society does to them. Thank you.