combining styles, methods and curriculum


Who does what? I'm in the process of discovering what might work, and be interesting to my wee one... although, as you'll have guessed, that can be a fickle pickle. So, I'm thinking of loads of way to take whatever interests are flavour of the day (hour, minute, week, month and even year) and just run with it.
I have found some cool sites via forums: and
and just surfing the net I found an American site called PBS Kids, and loads more. I've seen Jnr's interest in PC games as an asset, but want to encourage a more 'nature-based' way of learning as well...thinking Waldorf/Steiner, Montessori and Charlotte Mason. But again (he gets the fickleness from me) I do encounter some differences in philosophy compared to my 'ideal' ethos. And I want framework more than structure, and malleability.
I know most of the members I have read on this forum favour autonomous learning, but do you incorporate other styles and even methods? I making any sense?
And with wee ones who are the 'free-est' of them all (in a world where there are degrees of Freedom): How do I ensure that our learning complies with what LEAs will be expecting (mainstream standards)?...I know this sounds idiotic...but, ...
We're going to be keeping 'living books' documenting our learning experiences, how can I translate these into entities that within mainstream comprehension? Do I just keep it really simple? Have two sets of books...oh, no...that's the mafia!
What have you done?

Appreciate all responses. Thanks in advance.


Pick and Mix sounds grand

I will be starting H E with my two next year. Picking the flavour of the hour and running with it sounds good to me. What I am really hoping is that as mine are older the interests will last longer and be explored more deeply. That is one of my prime reasons for getting out of school - the artificial division of my childrens' days into someone elses 45 minute blocks.

To give you one possible definition of curriculum from the education textboooks, a curriculum is "a selection from the culture of a society". Who better to choose than your own child. And how wonderful that there available so many choices from so many societies to support you via the internet.