Chronicles of SHANARNIA, GIRFEC and the road to hellbeing


The GIRFEC chronology / Chronicles of SHANARNIA have just been published and are designed to take readers through some of the significant events on the road to wellbehaving / hellbeing.

There is an associated easy-read timeline linked from the (interminably long) main report.

More of the 'planks' will be added as our team members locate saved documents that were deleted from the web when they became a bit too toxic for public consumption.

Thanks to HEF stalwarts who provided much of the information for this project. Please add any useful links to this thread so that they can be added to the timeline.


I have for the last 3 hours been reading and checking the hyperlinks from the Girfec/Shanarri webpage

It should be compulsive reading for all parents of children in the UK.
Thank you so so much for sharing this with me:hail: