ChinS chief puts Pinocchio to shame


Another Pinocchio alert courtesy of Alice.

Only one comment so far on this travesty of an article that smacks of sheer desperation on the part of SHANARRI worshippers, but the commenter has posted several links to refute the false claims.

Jackie Brock: No evidence Named Person scheme intrusive :lalala:

When it comes to supporting our most vulnerable children, we need better support before intervention, says Jackie Brock
Whose children? Does the state presume ownership and control of all children?

Alice does a good job of taking apart the blatant misrepresentation of the facts.

We don't think much of state sponsored ChinS and their cheerleading chums either, as we have previously commented.

Meanwhile we are hearing reports of more professionals breaking ranks when it comes to GIRFEC data theft with some admitting to parents that they are appalled by the level of interference they are expected to inflict on families under the new regime.

Parents are very angry, and getting angrier, with out of touch sock puppets like Brock who have a vested interest in dancing to the GIRFEC tune and whose definition of 'evidence' is purely policy based and packaged to suit the paymaster.