Children and Young People Bill ‘gets it wrong’ and heralds new totalitarian Scotland

Schoolhouse comment on the CHYP (& PIN) Bill as introduced. Please share widely and write to your MSPs before it's too late.

Children and Young People Bill ‘gets it wrong’ and heralds a new totalitarian Scotland

Schoolhouse is urging parents to write to all of their MSPs (we each have eight of them – one local constiutuency MSP and seven regional MSPs) expressing concerns about this Bill, which has already created animosity and hostility between public servants and law abiding citizens and is already actively deterring individuals from engaging with ‘services’ whose primary duty is to collect and share sensitive personal data. GIRFEC (and its big brother formerly known as eCare) is no more than a giant haystack building exercise which will invariably have serious consequences for the most vulnerable children, for whom vital warning signs will be missed or lost in a sea of false flags about dead guinea pigs and families who have moved house wthout informing the new Scottish Stasi. It will have the opposite effect to that which is allegedly intended (although we aren’t so sure about the stated intentions being honourable) and will effectively place a minority of very vulnerable children at much greater risk of significant harm.