Child Tax Credit for over 16

Hi has anyone got anywhere with this? I've had success with Child Benefit who accepted that my 16 year old was continuing in education and have a letter saying that, however Child Tax Credit have decreed ( over the phone after much hanging on) that he isn't and I'm waiting for a reply to my letter asking them to reconsider. As this decision effectively halves our income I just wondered if anyone else has had to jump through these hoops and had any advice on how to approach this hurdle. According to the HMRC website home education is on the list of approved education for Child Benefit but not for CTC which makes no sense to me but when I pointed this out to CTC they had no response other than they have different guidelines. Any thoughts?

Yahoo Site

Hello, I am sure I have seen someone post on the Yahoo Site that they also had the same problem but finally got accepted for their tax credits.

I was surprised to read in my local council Home Education policy that Home Educated children are entitled to apply for EMA, thought I would mention this as your probably entitled to claim that as well.


EMA is only available to home educated young people in Scotland via the LA. Home edders elsewhere on the UK are not eligible to apply.

Tax credits and CB are UK wide 'benefits' which can be claimed by home educating families. Rather than waste time with idiots, get your MP on to the tax credit issue as they can bypass the usual brick walls. About the only thing they're good for.