child led or structured?

Hello Ayaka, I like seeing your writing too and thank you warmly for your post! I also have some kisses back for you. here we go xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah.x Carly, mum to Elliot,11, Amber,8, Cole,6 and Lucas, 5(his favourite number thank you honey.x
Amber is sap when its dried it can drip onto leaves with insects on and catch insects. I have one and one of my friends called Paul gave it to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Amber is my absolute favourite, which is why I named her Amber! Amber has lots of amber as she collects it. She has an amber shaped egg, an amber ring, a strip of amber with insects in and an elephant shaped piece. We also have some cherry amber. We love amber! Well done you on your amber information! xxxx:bathbaby::nod::bounce::croc::laugh::nerd::humble: xxxxx
Ohayo gozaimasu Dianne,

Daddy told me about this topic and I read some of things that people wrote and the one that Daddy wrote and then wrote mine. You wrote many times.
Daddy says you know some Japanese words and I know about it because mummy is from Tokyo. I made an error in my message but Daddy did not let me edit it He often leaves this browser open and I do not know how to get it on my PC. People from Japan are short and I am not. So it is the English half of me that makes me grow tall.
It is funny to say that I sound tall but maybe a blind man can tell by where the voice is coming from or maybe you have magic powers to hear me being tall over the internet but I don’t think so.
Some children talk to me because they think I like them but really I don’t. In my ballet classes children do not speak to each other and they go to school. Maybe its because at school you are told to be quiet all of the time. I am making a presentation about home education.

xxx Ayaka


Hi Banshee

Hi Banshee,
Just writing to say how inspirational your thread on this topic is.It has certainly made me feel a lot calmer and less guilty of not doing things the School way .

Kind regards