Child benefit and home education 16+


Just an update (may help others in same boat)

After the above, we got a letter from the CB asking for more details. SO the phone call was a waste of time :nod: had to repeat myself. So all filled in, sent back recorded delivery.

We got a letter from CB the other day, all it says is new rates of benefit. Turn it over and its the same as we get now with a (*) saying these are from the changes I told them about. I am assuming that it is just continuing now then! Since we have never had a letter from CB like it before in all the years we have claimed.

Just off the phone with Tax Credits, they were stopping our award in September you see.

That was a weird call.....

I filled them in, said we had word from CB and she asked about qualifications. I just said it was GCSE level and in excess of 12 hours a week. She said that was fine, the claim is updated and we will get an award letter in September. That's it!!

What a baffling set up it all is, truly come away from it all with more questions than answers.

So I think we are sorted and can get back to the important stuff. Will update on how it all goes in the future.

Thank as always everyone, I would not have managed without this place :bounce:


Yes, they sure are weird. And totally inefficient. And most of 'em don't know what they're doing.

Well done, Ryan, for sorting it out.



Child benefit, tax credits, EMA and home education

Just posted an explanatory article since this issue has been rearing its ugly head again. In order to avoid multiple lumps on your head from the bureaucratic brick wall, we'd suggest going straight to your MP and referring him/her to our article and links to the associated information.

Child benefit, tax credits, EMA and home education

Tax credits and Child Benefit are UK wide benefits which can be claimed by home educating families as long as their children are continuing in elective home education. The Education Maintenance Allowance, on the other hand, is only available to home educated children in Scotland who meet the eligibility criteria.
Contrary to what under-trained, and sometimes rude, call centre staff may tell you…

HMRC guidance which applies to tax credits and child benefit eligibility in respect of qualifying young people recognises elective home education, including autonomous home education, as “approved” education as long as it is “continuing”.