Can anyone recommend any useful Home education books

Hi all,
As some of you know we have recently decided to start home educating our 5 year old son from August(we are in Scotland).
I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good books that they found useful when starting out. I have looked on Amazon and there seems to be a lot of books available and I dont want to waste my money on books that are no good.
Thanks a lot for your help. Nicky


I found The Book People to be excellent for children's educational reference books, you can save up to 75% on most books.
I spent a fortune on Letts english and maths workbooks which my two both hated, I did find them a little boring and schoolly too!
You can get a lot of free worksheets online if you search google.
They have also enjoyed doing Lapbooks from an American company called they do lots of free stuff.
We're in Scotland too! :madgrin:

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As Nina said - don't buy workbooks! - we did they never got used and my daughter has learnt so much more due to not having her scope limited by 'set' work.
I find the best place to look for books is to take your child round the charity shops and let him/her choose their own, they always have childrens books on the lower shelves, nobody objects to a child sitting browsing and they cost pennies.
When my daughter wanted to learn a language we went to the local charity bookstore and bought phrase books in lots of languages including e.g. Russian, Greek.... after looking through them and practising she settled for French :) cost me £2 to give her the opportunity to try them all.
Hi Nicky, I agree with Nina, The Book People are great!

We visit the library regularly where we take out a lot of different educational books. Our two youngest are learning to read using library books.

We do use some workbooks. I would recommend Waterstones for workbooks as you can look through them before buying.
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Both my children went to school and its only in the past two years now that my daughter has been HE.

Thinking back to when my son was learning to read it was Letterland books that was used, I used to get them in Waterstones but can't remember seeing any of them in the shops now but I thought that these were really good. When my daughter first started school it had changed to Jolly Phonics, if I was to choose between the two I would definately pick Jolly Phonics, as I thought it was more clearer.

I used to cut up different words and keep them in a tub, once they had learned one word it would go in another tub, it was good seeing how quickly the words they know built up. (I remember going to a parents night and they commented how quickly my daughter had picked up reading in her first year, the teacher asked if she did jigsaws, and I remember her saying how learning to read is just like a jigsaw fitting words together, looking back I can see what she meant!)

We have kept our daughter on the workbooks that she did at school, we use all Nelson Thornes books, we also buy from Waterstone & WHSmith - Schofield & Sims workbooks, Letts, etc but only when they are on offer! :eek:

We use this website a lot to get ideas on Projects!

We live in Scotland too, so good luck with your HE journey.
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Hi nicky i am just starting out HE also and i have been advised that schofield and sims workbooks are great you get them from WH SMITH you also get workbooks on amazon which are pretty good ( recommended again).
im also in scotland here :p