Breaks for families with special needs children (Scotland only)

Elaine Kirk

Super Moderator
I know this fund has helped many families in the UK it is the Scottish arm of the Family Fund which is a charity with a business arm based in North Yorkshire and receiving funding from government I would suggest anybody wanting to apply firstly reads all the documents that are only available as downloads from this link by means of links at the bottom of the How to Apply page including the terms and conditions downloads.
The information you give will be used in a variety of ways and the consent to the use of details of all members of the family is assumed to have been obtained by the applicant , you are also consenting to them contacting various bodies ie education , health etc to discuss any person named in the application again on the assumption that the applicant has made them aware of this and they gave their consent.
You are also consenting on everybody's behalf to future harvesting of info to enable them to assess the benefits of the grant for your family .
Why the docs have to be downloaded is a mystery to me, surely a charity dealing with families of severely disabled children would see the benefits to them of making information easily accessible I have downloaded them to my phone and read them but don't have a copy/paste option unfortunately.
They probably don't want to make it too easy for people to read it all ;)

I think a lot of charities do this now; certainly all the ones I've applied to you have to agree to them checking the information you provide, retaining it, sharing it at their discretion and so on. It puts people in a very difficult situation; as with most things now if you can afford it privacy is easier to hold on to. Even relatively basic equipment like wheelchairs are often funded via charities now rather than the NHS (practise for them breaking it up, presumably) so you're basically forced to hand your info over or see your child go without something they need. Some people don't mind; friends of mine are incredibly relaxed about their info being shared anywhere and everywhere.

They have a blanket policy at my son's after school club where you are asked to sign a document giving permission for your child's photo to be used for anything by anyone who is involved (they're funded by a number of charities). I don't mind his picture going in the local paper or on a display in the community centre but I don't want it plastered on begging letters from fund raisers or being on file on anyone's computer system (I just think paedo catalogue; picture, name, age, address - scares the life out of me). So I insist on individual forms according to what the picture is for; apparently I'm the only one that does it.

It's very hard. People are caught between a rock and a hard place and I wonder if perhaps not enough people have been stung by it yet to make it an issue for them? I doubt I'd get in such a flap about it if we hadn't had the problems that we've had in the past, I had no idea about the sort of things that go in before we encountered the delights of Children's Services :shocked: