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Getting it right for every Child, Citizen and Community (re-visited)

Not news and has been posted on this thread before but I thought now might be the time to re-visit where we are all headed courtesy of cheer leading Inverclyde...

‘Getting it right for every Child, Citizen and Community’

This means that the Council will work in partnership to create a confident, inclusive Inverclyde with safe and sustainable, healthy, nurtured communities, and a thriving, prosperous economy, with active citizens who are resilient, respected and responsible and able to make a positive contribution to the area.

As part of the Nurturing Inverclyde approach, the Council, along with its partners in the Community Planning Partnership, the Inverclyde Alliance, are focussing on achieving wellbeing outcomes for our communities, which have been adapted from Getting it Right for Every Child. The wellbeing outcomes have been expanded so that they include all our citizens and communities in Inverclyde.

We want all our children, citizens and communities to be:

Safe - Protected from abuse, neglect or harm and supported when at risk. Enabled to understand and take responsibility for actions and choices. Having access to a safe environment to live and learn in.

Healthy - Achieve high standards of physical and mental health and equality of access to suitable health care and protection, while being supported and encouraged to make healthy and safe choices.

Achieving - Being supported and guided in lifelong learning. Having opportunities for the development of skills and knowledge to gain the highest standards of achievement in educational establishments, work , leisure or the community.

Nurtured - Having a nurturing place to live and learn, and the opportunity to build positive relationships within a supporting and supported community.

Active - Having opportunities to take part in activities and experiences in educational establishments and the community, which contribute to a healthy life, growth and development.

Respected and Responsible - Citizens are respected and share responsibilities. Citizens are involved in decision making and play an active role in improving the community.

Included - Overcoming social, educational, health and economic inequalities and being valued as part of the community.
We will deliver this for all our children, citizens and communities through the achievement of the local outcomes set out in the Inverclyde Alliance Single Outcome Agreement .
Girfec was originally presented in the media as the result of recommendations made following the death of Danielle Reid .

Unfortunately this just isn't true, as explained here.

Now even if the "cover story" for introducing Girfec and associated initiatives was for real, what we have is not so much function creep as function gallop.

We have moved, in just a few years, from saving children from suffering a similar fate to poor wee Danielle (murdered and thrown into a canal) to monitoring the state defined "well-being" of not just every child but every citizen (beginning with Inverclyde as mentioned above).
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Care plan sees dystopian future arriving early

Stuart Waiton in The Scotsman

It is arguable to what extent “every child” can really be protected by our new guardians, or indeed that these named professionals will take seriously the need to keep an eye on “nice” families. However, as the meaning of abuse and harm expands to include things like being bullied, or even being shouted at, the potential for professional intervention into family life is growing.

Add to this the emphasis being placed on all child-related professionals to watch out for abuse, and the suspicious and indeed corrosive nature of this approach is all too clear. Essentially, the idea of a specific person looking after the interests of a child coming with the name of “father” or “mother” has been lost from Scottish society – or at least lost within the corridors of power.

Increasingly, decisions about our children’s wellbeing are being taken out of our hands. Not just education, but sex, health, lifestyle, even political life is taught to children by people outside the home. In Dundee, where I live, I hear of cases where children are instructed to tell their parents that the school doesn’t approve of the contents of the parent-provided lunchbox. Elsewhere, we hear of teachers reporting parents to social services for allowing their children to “risk” cycling to school. And just about everywhere we have children being encouraged to tell their own parents off for smoking or drinking at home.

The recognition of the importance of privacy, of the authority of parents and the protection of this privacy and authority by society is declining fast. In fact, researching the issue of the “autonomous family”, a hugely important building block for British society, it is noticeable that at the level of policy this idea has completely disappeared.

Today it is assumed parenting is simply too hard, children are simply too vulnerable and risks are simply too great to allow for this luxury called “privacy”. This is why nobody is attacking this new bill in defence of privacy and the autonomous family.


(Duplicate post from Media forum)

Front page of Scottish Sunday Express and open for comments.

SNP bill to spy on parents is criticised by families

THE SNP is facing growing calls to drop a sinister plan to interfere with family life by assigning every child in the country a state-sponsored guardian - or 'Named Person'.
Marion Samson, headteacher at Westquarter Primary and Nursery in Falkirk, is a 'Named Person' who says her role is to "challenge" families who are not bringing up their children properly.
[Blog post and comments later removed from web but archived here]

Only one comment from a teacher got through moderation on that 'Engage for Education' GIRFEC cheerleading post.

According to a Scottish Government training document seen by this newspaper, the specific aim of GIRFEC is to undermine parents and give the "community" a greater role in raising children.

It states: "From the time that the child is a baby the family and the community should come together in oneness to raise the child so that the child can grow up to be a pillar of society.

"In so doing everyone benefits and the community is strengthened."
Eugenics in action.

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The latest from InfoWars: Government Orders Midwives to Spy on ‘Racist’ Parents

And a timely reminder from the Early Years Collaborative that it is all about the data:

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there has been worldwide interest
Sir Harry Burns [Chief Medical Officer for Scotland] speaking at the event said that "the Early Years Collaborative WILL change the world”!


Maybe it's time all these #bestplacetogrowup hashtag users actually did a bit of growing up themselves as regards #GIRFEC.

Collective insanity or what? Who the hell do these people think they are?


(Copied from separate Media thread)

The Scottish Sunday Express exposes the data sharing and linking that lies behind GRFEC, CfE and the rest. Anonymity is a joke when they are using CHI and SCN numbers and a teacher can access data about every child's 'wellbeing' and wider world "at the click of a button" (according to Lanarkshire's GIRFEC newsletter).

'ID card' plan to snoop on Scots

The Data Sharing and Linking Service (DSLS) is on track to begin operating by December – despite the vast majority of the public being unaware of the plans.

At the heart of the enterprise is the Linking Population Spine, which will hold “the name, date of birth, gender and postcode for everyone in Scotland”.

According to NHS Research Scotland, this snoopers’ treasure trove will boast “cradle to grave” health records, including maternity, mental health, cancer, GP and even dental notes.

The new education, childhood and parenting profiles highlighted by this newspaper in recent weeks will also be stored.
(Copied from separate Media thread)

Schoolhouse comment and petition update.

There’s no V (for vulnerable) in GIRFEC

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this new low in Scottish public policy-making is the profoundly damaging effects that GIFREC is already having on children and families who have had the misfortune to run the gauntlet of a new breed of public servants who have forgotten that they are the servants and we are the public they are paid to serve. Rather than operate on an invitational basis where the child protection threshold has not been reached, ‘services’ are routinely being forced on families and children where they are neither needed nor wanted. Choosing not to use nursery or school povision is tantamount to criminal behaviour if some of these tick box tyrants are to be believed, while being the victim of crime or a malcious referral is enough to unleash the dogs of GIRFEC, whose often patronising and unwanted advice must be taken and may not left – or else! The online conference hosted by the Home Ed Forums last year has chilling new significance as Dealing with highly intrusive parasitic public servants has become a necessary skill for all families in Scotland, not just those who home educate.

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Full page "ad" in The Herald + latest NO2ID Shenanigans...

Read about John Welford's one man stand against the database state and also the latest from NO2ID over here...

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media update

News of the "Girfec Bill" has continued to bounce around the blogosphere and forums - home and away.

Yesterday saw this article published by the Calgary Herald.

Martinuk:Scottish parents have reason to be wary (further comment on the media thread).

This will, it’s feared, establish generations and, ultimately, an entire society created by — and for — government; with families that serve government, rather than governments that serve families.

In 2012, just two per cent of Scotland’s children were looked after by local authorities or on its child protection register. Sadly, there will always be children who need outside assistance. But forcing this level of intervention on every family is somewhat akin to using a nuclear bomb for mosquito warfare on the local golf course.

If passed, this bill will wreak destruction on the family, the very unit that is necessary to undergird a successful society.

Until then, it serves to raise the question of which Scottish group most requires outside guidance and supervision — the family, or the government.

The petition (please consider signing and sharing if you haven't already) now stands at 1296.

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GIRFEC breaches Article 8 and the Data Protection Act

Apologies for the lack of updates to this thread - too much going on :juggle: and the longer it was left the more there was to do :bolt:

So a big thank you to Schoolhouse for this article which pulls all the latest developments together :clap2:

GIRFEC breaches Article 8 and the Data Protection Act

Voices of dissent over the Great God GIRFEC appear to be gathering a head of steam and and, what’s more, they are singing from remarkably similar song sheets in relation to the legality (or otherwise) of this universal surveillance policy dressed up in child protection clothing.

The state sponsored intrusion into private family lives is already well underway and being implemented without question by naive (or complicit) professionals to the detriment of parents and children in Scotland, many of whom have found it well nigh impossible to shake off unwanted tick box tyrants who believe every child should be brought up using state dictated indicators to meet state dictated outcomes. This is despite the policy having no statutory foundation and being in breach of Article 8 of the ECHR and the Data Protection Act (which is a UK wide statute from which Scotland may not divert without reference to the UK Government).

Now that written evidence has been submitted by interested parties to the Scottish Parliament’s Education & Culture Committee, it is refreshing to note that the Law Society of Scotland’s views on the information sharing and Named Person provisions within the Children & Young People Bill accord with our own. Somewhat predictably, however, the Scottish Government’s template soundbites never seem to change and do not address the points made in relation to human rights and data protection breaches.