Bedford University Technical College open days


Samantha wrote:

I work for the Bedford University Technical College. At our last open day we had a big interest from children that have been home schooled. I wondered whether there was anyone I could get in touch with regarding children that are home schooled and if there is anyway we can help further.

Here are our contact details:

Our next open day is on Wednesday 15th October 6pm-8.30
Link to pre-register:

Here is a list:

• Wednesday 15 October (6.00pm-8.30pm)
• Tuesday 25 November (6.00pm-8.30pm)
• Saturday 24 January (10.00am-12.30pm)
• Saturday 7 March (10.00am-12.30pm)
• Thursday 14 May (6.00pm-8.30pm)


Comment posted on our Facebook page:

... sent there in the main by the Bedford Scheme... Its not a bad idea, but they (the college) are being told porkies by the LA wrt funding (on top of which both Bedfordshire and MK LAs are refusing to fund students joining the college without 4 GCSEs, or if they go to the college when an equivalent course exists in the students own LA).