BBC - Three councils 'fail to track children missing from school'

Wilshaw's latest assault:

Three councils 'fail to track children missing from school'

Bradford, Birmingham and Luton councils are doing too little to trace pupils who go missing from mainstream schools, says Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw.
Sir Michael says children educated at home, in unregistered schools or in some independent faith schools can be at risk of exposure to extremist views.
The government said it was taking tough action on unregistered schools.
The three councils said the comments were a surprise but they were committed to improving safeguarding practices.
Sir Michael raised his concerns in a a letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.
In it he says the three councils are failing to keep proper track of missing pupils removed from their schools in the middle of the year.

This, he says, leaves children vulnerable to "harm, exploitation or the risk of falling under the influence of extremist views".
The UK Government has yet to issue it's response to the public consultation on de registering children. Whislt, at the moment, there has not been an indication of a registration scheme this needs watching!