Back to the (fascist) future


Neil Taylor responds to the DfE’s latest assault on freedom in education

Back to the (fascist) future

So it’s England’s turn to have to fend off a bid for totalitarianism in education as the DfE issues a call for evidence and revised guidance on home education.
It’s a pincer movement against us, a two-pronged attack, which works like this: Get them to agree to volunteer for registration, annual monitoring and home inspection, while concurrently running a ‘call for evidence’ that they should make this law.

If we fight this in guidance and tell them they can’t have this, which they can’t lawfully whatever some might say, then they will move to legislate for RM&I. If we meekly agree to go along with the proposed measures in the guidance, (not that there could ever be such a consensus), then they will move to formalise them in law anyway. Either way, the outcome will be the same.
All those years of persuading LAs to practice a proper rule of law, trashed by this butchery.
In short this is an incitement to LAs to break the law as a precursor to forcing its unwanted change, or as the Prodigy sang it: ‘What we are dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law’. Government is the principal law breaker. Government is bringing the law into disrepute, it is practising contempt for it, thus negating its only justification to exist. It states the law, then tells us this and that are the reasons why we can’t have it, and it must change, with or without our consent.

This will be fought, up to and beyond any illegitimate change in the law or guidance, which is lacking in sufficient justification and evidence for its unavoidable necessity. The behaviour of government itself at this point, which is a demonstrable scandal, and totalitarian in its implications. needs to be clearly and unflinchingly stated, and the changes disallowed unless or until they can be properly justified, which I do not believe they can.