Autism Home Schooling?

Lucy Kate

New member
Hello all,

I could use advice and opinions from those experienced members of the forum.

I have 4 children aged 8,6,6,2. My eldest three are at mainstream school and my youngest is due to start nursery in August (We are in Scotland)

My eldest, Findlay is autistic. He has managed school well up until this point but has really struggled this year despite being able to keep up academically. His problem are social. He appears to have hit a delay here and while his friends are moving on with their games and interactions, Findlay still acts younger and is starting to lose friends because of it.

I really don't know what to do. We worked really hard to prepare him for mainstream as it is the social interactions from school that I think he most benefits from but this now seems to be a major area of stress for him. Would home schooling just isolate him further?

Thanks in advance.