Are there any MSP's who support HE?


Does anyone know of any MSP's who are supportive of Home Education in Scotland? I am still looking for a sympathetic ear.

Local and National elections come and go, and there are always prospective nominees of political parties knocking on doors/ asking for our vote outside our shops.

I ask why there is a need to put so much effort and money into Education? The forthcoming answers are along the lines of: "the system is broken" or "the need to close the attainment gap" or "we need more teachers, and funds to keep them".

My prompting leads them to ask me if my children go to the local school, and I delight in saying; that since the system has been broken for so long, therefore unable to support my child's needs, I choose to educate him/her at home.

The only way that I can describe the reaction I got from each individual I met who were representative of East Lothian, would be using the Smilies.

Labour :lalala:

Conservative: :boom:

SNP: :mod::ballchain::flame:

Greens: :sick:

If anyone would like to add their smiley experience of Local Councillors/prospective MSP's, feel free.