Anyone HE reluctant teen?


We HE a 13 year old boy. He did go to school for all of Primary and year 8 of Secondary.
He does not seem to see the value in doing anything! Except his Anime, YouTube and Roblox. We can hardly prise him off of the sofa. Any advise?


Sometimes, after being part of a system for the majority of your life, you need time to re-adjust.

This can take weeks, months or whatever each individual needs. Keeping the conversation going and being there to listen to your teens concerns is a starting point.

If it helps, think of someone retiring from a job they have been in for 50 years. The first couple of weeks, it is about adjusting to the new environment, and finding somethings to fill in the voids. Months can go by and the retiree is still finding their feet.
For a child/teen, it is similar, in that they were in a routine of getting up and going to school, interacting with other kids, being controlled by teachers etc.

Hope this is of some help.