Any lone parents HEing?


Hi All,

What a crafty lot all you lone parent home ed'ers are! I am also a lone parent and we've been home eding for a week and a bit now, it's great but my daughter (Poppy 8.5) is desperate to make some friends. We are based in Monifieth near Dundee but have car and can travel.

My situation is slightly different in that, for the last year, I have also cared for my mum so i'm now a "carer", for the time being.

I also contacted Edinburgh and beyond, took a couple of emails and they have a meet-up for newbies this Friday at a museum in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, it's too short notice for me, due to a new puppy and will have to join at next months meet up.

If there are any people in my local area that would like to meet up in the coming weeks for absolutely anything, myself and Poppy would love to, please get in touch.

Good luck with all your ventures.

Hi Marje,
Not sure how others view the forums but I wonder if you wanted to put your request for meet up with local people again somewhere - on a new thread / new members etc.... with a title requesting local meet up??

Just a thought.............

We're not so local up near Inverness, but will be down in Perth for the day, by train, in a months time (19th) if you did fancy a meet up in a park etc..?

My girls are 3 and 6yrs old so maybe not too young for a play with your daughter?

e-mail me if you'd like, hopefully you'll get others closer to you to get in touch for something a bit more regular!

There is also a Highlands yahoo group, NOSHED, that post and arrange a few bits if you wanted to get involved there too. I'm on the Edinburgh and beyond site too but have not yet made it to meet any one down there yet.......... good for inspiration/long distance projects etc.

Lots of luck,
warm wishes,


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hi i to am also a lone parent , my son is now 13 and when his dad and i split up he took it really bad and just went downhill with panic attacks about school etc , so i have just started h.s him but i can not get used to the negativity towards this decision why is this ?
hi i to am also a lone parent , my son is now 13 and when his dad and i split up he took it really bad and just went downhill with panic attacks about school etc , so i have just started h.s him but i can not get used to the negativity towards this decision why is this ?
I think it's partly just because it's different. Most people are so tuned to accepting what is provided by the state without question that they find it hard to get their head around anyone doing something else. A lot of people feel that only teachers can teach - the idea of a child teaching themselves, learning through experience, being allowed to make mistakes or decide on what they are going to do that day freaks a lot of people out.

I have also wondered at times if some parents feel a bit intimidated by it? As if they feel they ought to feel able to do it with their children but can't? What always amazes me is how many times a parent says to me "You're mad, I could never do that" whilst at the same time their child is saying "he doesn't go to school? You do it all at home? Wow I would love to do that!" I have several friends whose children ask them if they can be home educated. One friend's husband (jokingly) said he was going to ban the children from our house because every time they visit they go home asking to be home educated :)

I've found I have developed a thicker skin over time. I think as I got more confident about it other people's comments bothered me less and less? If it's any consolation all of my friends who thought I was mad were eating their words within a year or so - they could see the changes in him and all admitted it obviously suited him better. Try not to let it get you down!
Hey trezluvsswan, the negativity wants throwing out with the rubbish - One of mine started becoming ill due to thoughts of school - Happy chappie now - Home Education can be really easy and fun - Still have the other three in mainstream school but should any of them chose to be home ed then that's the way to go - Remember it is your right to do what you think is best for your son - Us lone parents seem to be getting some stick just lately - LEA's sometimes come with do this do that - Do nothing that is not right for your son - They have no rights over you - Any advice will be freely given here to help you along - Take it steady and let the lad feel his own learning ground is my advice - Have a good time
Does anybody know of any instance of HE children having to return to school because of Income Support being terminated once they reach 7 years old?

I have received reports of two children in the 8 to 10 age range who want to be HE but can't be for financial reasons.
Hi Riaz,

As far as I know there's a change from being on Income Support to going onto Job Seeker's Allowance instead, so I don't think the income should fall? I am a bit behind with current benefit amounts though, but as I understand it the amount is (or was) the same, the difference is with one you are obliged to seek work and with the other you aren't.

I don't know if that helps at all?
HE as a lone parent.

Hello I'm a lone parent and will start to H.E in August,it has never crossed my mind that it will be problem to do this, I would be more in a panic if I sent him to school and him needing the latest things or not having the right clothes e.g coat,shoes/trainers and having the right brand name foods in his lunchbox (if I had to do this as I he would get free meals)as I once witnessed in a supermarket, letters saying that he need this,that and the other by xxx etc at least this weight has been lifted and if he wants a certain named coat etc, we can have a look round to get a bargain,I'm on I.S and when the time comes to go on to JSA they can keep the money, I will survive on the money that I get and hopefully get some work when the time comes and take him with me if I can or leave him with a family member for a few hours,as I say "If the Americans can Home Educate with not much of a welfare state and some of them being lone parents so can we" Hazel.
It seems to be that when a child is seven the lone parent has to seek work even if the parent wants to Home Educate. But where are jobs available to suit a lone parent? Child minding costs are provided. But no option is give to lone parents who do not want their children to be child minded by some unknown state paid for pretending parent who will simply make money out of their child. Catch 22!
How long does JSA last for? Is it possible to remain on it for 5 solid years as a HE parent because no suitable jobs can be found?

What is the situation regarding benefits and children who have been expelled from school?
As far as I know, benefits are the same regardless of whether you have children in or out of school, whatever the reason. It's the age that causes the switch from Income Support to JSA.

I don't know what the answer is to parents staying on JSA indefinitely because it's only fairly recently that they changed the system over. If memory serves, the blurb at the time was that no-one would be forced into an unsuitable job if they had additional child care responsibilities, but whether that is actually what is happening I don't know.
From what I gathered they were prepared to pay more in child care than the parent could earn! Leave your kids and go to work and the child minders get more than you earn! Lone Parents seem to be in a weird situation once their children reach seven years old.