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Hi. all. i need some advice...
i de-registered my 12 year old daughter from Comp just before the easter holiday. She is suffering from depression and anxiety related to years of bullying. i had heard nothing from the school until this week. they sent out the welfare officer and Senco lady to basically try and persuede me to accept home schooling. i emailed them the next day to say that after discussion my daughter doesn't wish to be home schooled and can they proceed with her de-register. i was then speechless when a lady called from the school later in the day to say that she has concerns about my daughter being stuck at home all day and wants to put in a referral to social services. my daughter and i are already stressed enough from being hounded by the school. i would really like to make a complaint about this. any advice greatly appreciated.

Ps my daughter has no special needs. thanks
Can you confirm whether you are in England, Wales or Scotland?

The rules for deregistration are different in Scotland, and there may be people more experienced who can better advise if the part of the country is known. should provide some answers for you.

Basically, it sounds as if the school are acting beyond the law, or trying to. And threatening to call in social services for the reason stated sounds purely vexatious to me at least.

Hopefully, others will be along soon to help. Hang in there, it will all be sorted.

Edited to add - If you can give your rough location, there may be local groups which you can be in touch with. There are groups all over the UK which meet regularly for children and their parents to socialise and be supported. Once you are in touch with these, the school will have no reason to suppose that your child will be isolated.

This rubbish about children being isolated when home educated keeps being brought up, mainly by staff ignorant of the nature of Home Education. But there is nothing more isolating than being in a crowd of people and being bullied, something schools fail to understand or acknowledge.
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