Aberdeen City Council: Getting It Wrong again and again and again


Latest HEF blog: Aberdeen City Council: Getting It Wrong again and again and again

As the bodies of GIRFEC victims start piling up across Scotland (and not just those from the home ed community), we thought we’d start at the beginning of the council alphabet and shine a bright searchlight on the various publicly reported failures and breaches on the part of Aberdeen City Council, which seems to just keep on Getting It Wrong.
Since our [subsequent] findings raised concerns about a significant risk to individuals’ privacy in Aberdeen, we have submitted a statutory Freedom of Information request to seek clarification relating to aspects of ‘guidance’, which is said to have been recently revised and appears to us not to be compliant with competent, overarching, reserved, UK-wide primary legislation and EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.

Confirmation of compliance with current UK and EU legislation of ‘guidance around information sharing’
When you look at the all-encompassing risk assessment framework published by the government (and displayed here by Lesley Scott at a recent NO2NP event), you will find that every child’s ‘wellbeing’ can now be conveniently designated as ‘at risk’ by any member of the SHANARRI multi-agency wheel spinners’ club. Don’t ever admit to crossing the road, or going swimming, with your child as that ‘could lead to them being at risk of harm’. As for home education, some primary teacher on a prejudice-fuelled power trip may decide that fulfilling your legal responsibility to educate your own child is an extreme risk (but only to her capitation allowance), while doing nothing to address bullying and unmet special needs in her own classroom.