A critique of Daniel Monk's 2009 article and the reasons why


A must read blog post by Gill which demolishes the illogical arguments and exposes the toxic, ingrained prejudices of one Daniel Monk, would be 'trainer' of LA attack dogs but in reality only an academic (i.e. of no practical relevance), in relation to home education.

A critique of Daniel Monk's 2009 article and the reasons why

In 2009, Daniel Monk wrote his article Regulating home education: negotiating standards, anomalies and rights. This then formed the basis of the Badman Review - presumably deliberately, as it makes several references throughout to 'the forthcoming review', though I do not know to what extent Mr Monk was involved in the instigation of the review, if any.

Since 2010, Mr Monk has used the content of his article to form a course of training for Local Authority officers on how they should approach home educating families and the legal standing of their position in that respect. This provision of his training is apparently to be further uptaken since the establishment of the Association of Elective Home Education Professionals, at least one of whose meetings Mr Monk has attended. The content of this 2009 article therefore will increasingly be determining the stance of Local Authorities so I have taken a detailed look at it, with my commentary below.
Maybe a real lawyer should take a look at these 'training' courses. The Badman failure must have been so disappointing for all the vested interests, they now have to resort to making the law up to suit their own totalitarian agenda. They'd be more at home in Scotland under GIRFEC, practising the cult of SHANARRI.

All together now: Home educators' heads don't all button up the back!